5 Apps for Remote DME and HME Billing Specialists to Stay Connected

15 Jun 2020 Barbara's Billing & Consulting Services

A woman working from home with her laptop and headphonesRemotely working on DME and HME billing from home does not have to feel isolating. These apps can help billing personnel stay connected to team members within the department, the company, or their outsourced partners without having the leave home. Check out these top tools that work with both Apple (iOS) and Android users alike to make training, announcements, check-ins, and other communication needs as easy as being in the office together!

What Apps Help With Sharing Files?
With so many amazingly flexible apps for your selection, the choices can be overwhelming. By now, you have your regular workplace solutions that integrate with your outsourced DME billing service up and running from home. However, it can be helpful to have a way to train together, communicate changes, discuss claims, or answer payment questions. For these purposes, there are a variety of online options that will enable you to effortlessly keep other groups and individuals in the loop with what you are working on.

For example, if you know some other remote workers talking about the apps they love to use, then you have probably heard about Slack. This app helps you share thoughts, ideas, questions, documents, payment updates, insurance requirement changes, and much more with any or all of your group members. You can also stay better organized with your digital conversations as compared to using traditional email solutions.

What About Interactive Solutions?
Some solutions that were built to connect you to others online using face-to-face and instant messaging interaction. Apps like Zoom and Skype are two such options that let you video chat as if your team members are in the meeting room or cubicle beside you, screen share to show your outsourced DME billing team a claim submission before you send it, or get an instant answer to your time-sensitive question with digital messaging. Communication is the key to productively working from home and although you may not be able to turn your head to speak to your teammate like you could in the office, these solutions offer the next best thing as you are able to reach any individual or group of individuals for meetings with ease.

Apps That Play With Others
Since it is essential for DME billing employees to stay in touch with team members, other company department employees, patients, insurance carriers, and outsourced partners, you may find you have a few favorite team apps to use. But, wouldn't it be great if they all worked together effortlessly? Why should you have to clutter your desktop with multiple team apps? Just as Barbara's Billing and Consulting Services integrates your data in your workplace billing solution to make it easy to communicate about all your claims, payments, and accounts receivables data, there are ways to integrate some of your team communications apps as well. 

For example, Zoho offers a "Share via Slack" option that enables users to use Slack's messaging features and other great perks like managing claims updates and sharing new insurance guidelines. Moreover, Slack integrates with over 1,500 great apps, including messaging and video chat apps like Skype and Zoom. Best of all, all of these apps are either free or low-cost solutions. Plus, if you have Office 365, then you already have Skype included in the bundle!

What About Analytics and Other Advanced Features?
If your company is willing to pay a bit more for increased functionality, another intuitive communications app to consider is BlueJeans. This is a phenomenal tool that works with both Skype and Slack while boasting a comprehensive package of services including a private cloud for sensitive storage, unlimited cloud recording, streaming capabilities, and historical meeting analytics from integrating with Zoho.

For Google Fans
If you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of learning how to maximize your DME billing workload from home with these innovative tools, it may help to use something more familiar like the Google suite of products. As the top search engine and one of the most popular email options, Google offers an array of solutions to create and share documents, contact team members or patients, and share screens without making your head spin as most people are at least somewhat comfortable with such products as Google Docs.

Therefore, there are some excellent solutions available that will aid in removing the isolation of working from home and increase productivity saving you time and money. To further boost your revenue, check out the wide range of DME and HME billing services at Barbara's Billing and Consulting Services by calling us at (678) 273-3404. Let our experienced billing specialists support your team during this transitional time. Our knowledge is your gain!