Why Outsource DME and HME Billing to Barbara's Billing?

05 Dec 2019 Barbara's Billing

A man's hand pointing to a list of benefits of outsourcing billingAt Barbara's Billing, we offer a one-stop-shop for all your Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Home Medical Equipment (HME) billing needs. From confirming and claim scrubbing to payment collections and reducing denials, we do it all so you can get back to focusing on ways to grow your business. Read on to discover more about the many ways we can help.

Reduce Employee Training Time
The first thing you will probably notice from outsourcing your DME and HME billing is the lack of training time your team will need to spend at seminars and classes that take them away from more productive tasks at the office. This will ensure your office is running more efficiently with a full staff without having to close for training purposes or work with a smaller team on training days. Of course, if you need assistance with claims scrubbing or any other related task, our experienced staff is always will to assist and pass along expert tips that will make your process smoother.

Prompt and Accurate Billing
Next, you will be impressed with the degree of accuracy and prompt payments you begin seeing both in your account and when you receive your customized report. Experience matters when it comes to the complexity of tasks such as DME and HME billing. We know the appropriate codes for the individual products and insurance carriers that get you the approval you need to receive your payment fast! Additionally, we review all orders and claims twice to further limit the chance of error. If there is a rejection, we follow up with the carrier to learn why and we apply that knowledge to all future transactions. In other words, by hiring our team at Barbara's Billing & Consulting, you will find getting paid has never been so quick nor this accurate!

Start-to-Finish Transaction Outsourcing
From the time the order is placed until the cash is in your hand, we take care of everything for you so you can focus on what matters to the consumers in your clinic or practice. Daily payments are posted, denials are reviewed, and old claims in your accounts receivables are handled with ease! In fact, we will even place the order itself for your team. Use us for any or all of your DME and HME billing needs.

Relax on Days Off
If you have been doing your DME and HME billing in the office, then you know how important it is to have your payments not posted daily. However, when your office is closed or your employees are out sick, you still to find a way for the claims to be confirmed and payments to be collected. By working with us, you can relax on vacation or let your team members spend time out of the office healing from illness without the added stress from unfinished billing issues. 

Greater Consumer Trust
With accurate billing comes greater consumer trust. Spending time calling about a billing error is both frustrating and relationship damaging. Show your consumers you value their time and money by providing billing statements with the correct amounts owed. 

Extended Team Relationship
Although we take the burden off your employees for all your DME and HME billing needs, we realize there can be related issues that arise from time to time. We work with our clients as an extension of their team rather than an allusive third party. As a result, we are readily available to offer assistance with any consulting, training, or auditing programs that would benefit your team. Payer contracts, software conversions, price table configurations, EFT and EDI enrollment, and revenue cycle management are some examples of programs we offer that our clients rave about! 

Therefore, if you have been considering outsourcing your DME and HME billing needs, you will find the support and extended team you need to make your DME and HME billing a breeze! Whatever your team would like to outsource from claim confirmations to managing rejections or consulting on billing projects, our experienced staff is standing by waiting to hear from you. Call us, email us, or contact us online to discover more about how we can turn your collections process into prompt and accurate payments that make everyone happy, especially your consumers. With accurate billing statements and services you can trust, you and your team can spend time doing what matters most to improve consumer relations and grow your business. Click on our Contact Us page today and find out what a difference working with us can make for you.