Why Experience Counts When it Comes to Your DME and HME Billing Needs

16 Mar 2020 Barbara's Billing & Consulting Services

A woman in her 40s training a woman in her late 20s in front of a desktop computer at a modern medical office desk.When it comes to your DME and HME billing, minor mistakes can lead to a rejected or denied claim that will affect your revenue. Fortunately, there is a worry-free solution that can help. Outsourcing some or all of your DME and HME services can be an affordable way to ensure your billing process is running smoothly and you are receiving payment in a timely manner. But, what should you look for in a DME billing company? Simply put, experience and here's why. 

Avoid Common Mistakes
Rejected or denied claims can take a toll on your business. Plus, the point of outsourcing is to not have to review every claim to see if it was paid correctly and in a timely manner. Your billing partner should, therefore, be solely focused on DME and HME billing with a long history of working with all the major insurance carriers. Moreover, your billing company should have an understanding of the leading billing software systems to be able to work with the one you have selected for your office. Experience with software ensures compliance at every step of the billing process, which is essential for receiving accurate payments. 

Know the Different Insurance Carrier Preferences 
Since each insurance carrier has its own claims submission process, there are some differences your billing professionals should know. A lack of familiarity with the codes and carrier-specific input preferences, submission requirements, and common errors will likely result in a high volume of rejected claims. Where many may shutter at the thought of submitting to more selective carriers, your billing team should understand the best way to work with such carriers to make certain your claim is processed correctly the first time.

Receive Payments Quickly
Since corrected claims are being submitted and more timely payments are being posted daily, your reported income is also more accurate and reliable. This means you can budget effectively for office-related expenses as your revenue more closely reflects the total number of sales. On that note, even when you are on vacation and your office is closed, your payments are still being posted. So, you can check to see if a claim was processed and posted to your account at any time from anywhere!   

Make Fast Corrections
Of course, in the event an error does occur during the claim entry or on the part of the billing service team, you should be able to rely on your service members to check over the claim thoroughly prior to submission. After the claim is submitted, your service team should be checking daily for carrier communication, such as rejections, denials, questions, or posted payments. With such measures in place, errors will be corrected before they hold up your payments for an extended period of time.

Additionally, your outsourced billing team members will use their expertise to research patterns in the rejections and denials. Once a pattern is detected, the team members will work together with your employees to share their findings further reducing the chances of the mistakes holding up payments. In other words, at Barbara's Billing & Consulting Services, we believe experience has taught us your outsourced DME and HME billing team should feel like an extension of your own staff where superior customer service and open communication is a critical component of providing a smooth billing process from start to finish.

Efficiency in Advocating on Your Behalf
This relationship is extended to advocating for the correct amount when insurance carriers issue the wrong payment sum. You should be able to depend on your billing team to double-check each received payment and verify the amount. If there is a need for review, your billing team should perform this research and be aware of the reason for the discrepancy before proceeding by advocating for the correction.

Ability to Train Employees or Offer Consultation
Whether you decide to use the full comprehensive billing services of your outsourced team or you are in need of office training and consultation services, you should feel confident in the knowledge the team brings to your organization. A lack of experience can be profoundly evident during a time of teaching or advising that wastes both time and money. Hence, hiring a team that has been specializing in DME and HME billing for several years is imperative to provide the service you need within your time and budget.

Therefore, if your revenue is not matching with your sales each month, then it could be your DME and HME billing is the issue. More and more, organizations are turning to professional DME and HME billing services for their expertise to prevent and correct claim errors, advocate on their behalf with insurance carriers, and offer consultation regarding patterns of errors that are hindering the billing process. But, the best part of this decision to outsource with an experienced billing team is the money and time you will save that can go back into growing your business. Contact our billing team today using our convenient online form. With over 75 years of DME/HME billing and reimbursement experience, we look forward to putting our knowledge to work for you!